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we offer therapists
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a medical wellbeing platform
in virtual reality.

healthy body

Physical therapy in virtual reality 
The field of physical therapy relies heavily on patients regularly and accurately performing exercise routines on a verified way. DynamixVR-Physical is a PT exercise platform that is immersive, fun for patients and provides real time tools and rehabilitation progress tracking for doctors.

1. Assess

Real-time feedback and measurment tools

The patient's every movement is tracked, recorded and stored in a database. Our platform can automatically assess the patient and help the therapist to ensure the optimal outcome of the exercise.

2. Track

Record, Replay , Analyze

The cloud analytics modul can replay the patient exercise anytime, anywhere.

3. Treat

Routine exercises,
hidden in fun

Various environments and multiple virtual worlds will ensure that the patients will never run out of diverse content.


Third party contents

Our platform is open. Doctors and physical therapist can record their own set of lessons for their patients to exercise.

healthy mind

Psychological therapy in virtual reality 
With the help of cognitive science and disrupting technologies we create a virtual reality platform that helps clinicians and psychiatrist in therapy. Depression, stress relief, social (re)integration, skill deterioration.

1. Assess

Test your patients, setup baseline

2. Track

Routine exercises are made fun now, through gamification in a breathtaking Virtual environment.practice accurately no matter if At home or the clinic, our system will increase the treatment's accuracy in every case.

3. Treat

The analytics platform provides the patients and doctors with rehabilitation progress tracking and complete history.


Signs of depression caught in time can reduce later phases of the illness

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